Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Club Volleyball Tryouts are over

My daughter plays volleyball. She is 12. When getting into the sport to begin with I had no idea how much time and money I would be investing. That was 3 years ago.

Club Volleyball is similar to Elite Soccer. Tryouts- better coach's - more money. But, if your daughter is as passionate about the sport as mine is and has hopes of one day dawning a jersey for a college team this is what you do.

Tryouts are much like the NFL draft. Many of the Moms that I spoke to during pre-tryouts warned me that I was in for a long weekend filled with nerves- several suggested calling my DR. for a couple of Xanex (for me - not the kiddo).

Tryouts were nerve wrecking. At the first I was overwhelmed by not only how many girls had shown up but by the level of talent on the courts. I started to prepare myself for the reality that she might not make the first team. Heck she might not make the second team. We did try out at a second club as well.

My worries were premature at the first club. We did get an offer for their top team and we did accept it. We are very excited to hit the court for practices and see what these girls can do!